Phen375 newest 2016/2017 Testimonials


Elysia Lost 50 Pounds and Credits Phen375

Elysia was a young woman from America battling obesity. When she reached 267 pounds, Elysia realized that it was time to start working toward a healthier body. Elysia chose to give Phen375 a chance to help her shed off her unwanted pounds. After two months of taking Phen375, Elysia had already lost 50 pounds. With the excess weight gone, Elysia began to see significant changes in her face, legs, and arms, and her old clothes are looser. Because of Phen375, Elysia has a new reason to smile and her entire outlook on the future can change. Elysia credits her 25-pound a month weight-loss to Phen375 and says that should could not have received the same results without this supplement.



Mohammad Went from Husky to Handsome

Mohammad is a handsome, fit man who lives in the Netherlands. While Mohammad is slim and trim now, this wasn’t always the case. Mohammad can remember a time when his life was much different. Not long ago, Mohammad weighed in at 150 kg or 330 pounds. He looked unhappy and was much larger than the others around him. When Mohammad first heard about Phen375, he recalls thinking it was probably just a gimmick with a lot more talk than actual results; however, he decided to give it a try. Immediately after taking Phen375, Mohammad’s prospective started to change. Mohammad says that Phen375 gave him a new boost of energy and helped to lower his hunger. With his new sense of purpose and energy, Mohammad hit his workout routine with new incentive and continued to take Phen375. In just 12 weeks, Mohammad lost 45 kgs or 99 pounds. Now fit and trim, Mohammad looks like a different person and is able to let his inner star shine.



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Sarah Had Almost Given Up When She Found Phen375

In 2015, Sarah was an exhausted nurse who was struggling to survive her hectic schedule. Her excessive weight made her job extra tiring and she was frequently out of breath. At 232 pounds, Sarah found it difficult to perform the regular activities required of her as a CNA. Sarah knew that she needed to lose weight but felt like she had exhausted all of her options. She had already tried all the diet pills and plans that she could find. Sarah was ready to give up and go see her doctor about extreme weight-loss measures when she saw an ad for Phen375. Although she was tired of trying, Sarah decided to give this new option a chance.

Sarah says that Phen375 made it possible for her to make better food choices . Even when her kids wanted to eat out, Sarah was able to turn down junk food and instead make choices to eat fruits, salads, and healthy meats like chicken. Sarah is thrilled with her new lifestyle choices and continues to make progress toward living healthier. Sarah has now purchased a bike and, thanks to the energy provided by Phen375, can now ride it for 24 miles. In the past seven months, Sarah went from 232 to 188 pounds and continues to shed pounds as she seeks her 150 pound goal.




Paul Lost Almost 100 Pounds in Six Months

Paul recalls all the times that he tried to lose weight using different products but saw no results. Once he started taking Phen375, he was able to shed 93 pounds and reach his 200 pound goal in six months. While Paul doesn’t want to lose anymore weight, he continues to maintain his goal with the lifestyle and exercise habits he developed while taking Phen375. Paul looks like a different man and is now proud to show off his body.



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