Appetite Suppressants

The 3 best dietary supplements for weight loss in 2014

The range of dietary supplements supposed to facilitate weight loss is huge and continues to grow. There is an ever larger number of products available on a market which, as a consequence, lost transparency. Sellers earn billions through those drugs. Though, it is to be assumed that most of the drugs are but a fools’ bargain – good for pulling money out of naive customer’s pockets.

Thankfully, a few exceptions seem to exist – like renowned medical compounds that were proven to support a healthy weight loss. Ideally, both tests and research results confirm that the listed substances really work. With Garcinia Cambogia, Glucomannan and Chitosan, this is the case.


Garcinia cambogia

The 100 percent organic product Garcinia Cambogia is made on the basis of the skin and fruit of tamarind trees. This plant is prevalent in the South of the Indian subcontinent and in Indonesia. From the squash-like, dried yellow fruits, hydrocitric acid (HCA) is extracted. This so-called enzyme blocker is able to boost the fat-burning capabilities of the body and to also serve as a natural appetite suppressant.

Garcinia Cambogia thus has a double effect. On the one hand, HCA hinders the ingested carbohydrates from being transformed into fatty acids and stored in the body. On the other hand, the substance won from tamarind also helps calming the hunger. This is a welcome additional effect in weight loss diets. The much-feared food cravings often lead to the lost pounds finding their way back onto the thighs and other problem areas in no time.
Various tests and clinical studies showed that Garcinia Cambogia – if ingested according to instruction – results in no drug tolerance and can even protect from a degradaton of proteins.



Glucomannan is a water-soluable dietary fibre, which is won from the dried konjac root and the vegetable fibres of which are processed. The konjak root, also called devils tongue, is mainly native in South Eastern Asia and belongs to the Araceae family. According to the modern state of science, konjak has the highest water binding capacity of all existing natural products.

In order for the dietary fiber within Glucomannan to provide the desired sense of feeling full, it is important to couple its ingestion with the intake of ample of water. That way only, it is guaranteed that the substance is swelling in the stomach and reaching the desired volume. This leads to the person wanting to drop weight feeling full for a longer time and thus not having the urge to eat something.

It is self-understood that to adhere to a low-calory diet as much as possible is important.
Even for this case, there are studies proving the substance’s positive effect – one of them the American Society for Clinical Nutrition. Furthermore, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has, within the scope of the Health Claim regulation, classified a specification to Glucomannan, respectively konjac, as follows: „Reduction of the body weight of overweight persons through ingestion of at least 3 gramms daily in 3 portions, each of them one gramm minimum, with one to two glasses of water before meals“.



Chitosan is also available for purchase in various pharmaceutical forms. Chemically speaking, the substance is a biopolymer or poly amino sacccharide – a polymerization (building of chains) of sugar molecules. Chitosan is extracted from Chitin, such as from: shells of mussels, crustaceans, and crabs. An important characteristic of the extracted substance with its gel-like consistency is the capacity to bind fat and thus prevent considerable amounts thereof to get into the organism. Furthermore, Chitosan is also said to be able to bind proteins. The „captured“ substances are excreted undigested.

Through the absorption of the essential energy carrier fat, the biodegradable Chitosan is thus well-suited to support a reasonable weight-loss diet. For instance, this was proven by a study in Finland, during which the test persons ingested Chitosan in addition to reduced intake of food. The substance is even said to have a positive influence on the cholesterol level.

The dietary supplement gone fat blocker alone, available in the form of capsules, pills and pulvers, doesn’t guarantee any weight loss. As with all the other substances, the consumer is encouraged to consider it as a complement to the diet. Besides a diet change, getting sufficient excercise is thus a necessity. Pounds only start to drop once all of those factors come together. Of course, being disciplined is an essential part on the road to success. Yet, substances should only be ingested according to instruction.