Analysis of the Ingredients in Phen375 (2015 Update!)

Obesity has become a worldwide crisis. For a variety of reasons, foremost being health and quality of life, people areconcerned about losing weight. Many individuals experience great difficulty in this endeavor and find that the standard regimen of diet and exercise simply isn’t enough to achieve their weight loss goals.

Phen375 powerful ingredients that help you burn fat faster

Phen375 powerful ingredients that help you burn fat faster

Phen375 is a revolutionary weight-loss product designed to boost energy and ramp up a person’s metabolism. This allows people to achieve weight loss results that they once thought were impossible.


How to Use Phen 375

Phen375 is not a pharmaceutical. It is a nutritional supplement that increases energy levels and supports a higher metabolism. When combined with diet and exercise, the results can be very powerful. It is one of the best selling nutritional weight loss supplements in the world.

You should take two pills of Phen375 a day, one in the morning and one before lunch.

Ordinary people and celebrities alike, worldwide, can attest to its amazing results. The following is an overview of the amazing component ingredients that make Phen375 so effective.


Contents of Phen375

Because Phen375 is a global phenomenon, the composition of the product can vary slightly based on where in the world it is purchased. This is done to abide by all regional regulations regarding the components of nutritional supplements. However, the efficacy and safety of Phen357 is never compromised, regardless of which blend is purchased.

Active Ingredients in the Original Phen375


L-Carnitine is a powerful ingredient. It speeds up the

L-Carnitine speeds up the breakdown of fat

L-Carnitine speeds up the breakdown of fat

breakdown of fat, allowing the body to convert it into usable energy more efficiently.

Therefore, it causes an overall increase in energy. It has also been shown to improve muscle tone.


Not only is calcium well-known for its contribution to healthy bones and teeth, calcium also facilitates the transport and distribution of certain nutrients throughout the body. This is important, because many of these nutrients are catalysts in the fat burning process. Therefore, calcium is instrumental in increasing the body’s fat burning capacity and efficiency.

Dendrobium nobile Extract

Dendrobium nobile Extract is known as a competitive inhibitor substance. Simply put, a competitive inhibitor takes the place of another, similar (although in this case, less desirable) substance by acting on the same enzymes. It works as a stimulant by elevating energy levels for fat burning. It is a synthetic ingredient necessary for the product to work effectively.


This ingredient, despite its formidable sounding name, is a safer, Caffeinenon-pharmaceutical grade ingredient that takes the place and function of more dangerous substances like Ephedra.

It increases natural body energy by elevating levels of cyclic AMP. 1,3 Dimethylpentylamine Hydrochloride works as a thermogenic, or fat-burner, along with creating an increase in healthy energy.


Capsaicin is often talked about in terms of its fiery properties – it is 886446_red_pepper1-180x135present in peppers and gives them their spice. It is found in Phen375 in a more highly concentrated form. People have touted the thermogenic properties of peppers, and capsaicin is the active compound that creates this effect.

The advantage of the capsaicin found in Phen375 is that is in tablet form, and the gastric upset often associated as a byproduct of consuming peppers is negated. Capsaicin is so powerful, that alone, it can help the body to burn up to two hundred and seventy calories per day.

Coleus Forskolii Root PE

Unlike many of the other ingredients found in Phen375, Coleus ForskolinForskolii Root PE works more directly with fat storage and not specifically as a thermogenic. Most avid dieters and fitness enthusiasts know that men tend to have a much lower body fat composition.

They also tend have more trouble accumulating it. This is because, although men and women have a mixture of all the sex hormones, men have a much higher level of testosterone. Coleus Forskolii Root PE works by elevating testosterone to levels that promote fat resistance and discourages fat accummulation.

Phen375 fat burnerAll these powerful and 100% natural ingredients make Phen375 the best fat burner on the market

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